About Us


Learning and Preparing for Success


The vision of Lawrenceburg Public School is to provide an authentic learning experience that will enable and empower students to become lifelong learners and productive citizens.

We Believe:

1. Teaching and learning require a healthy, safe, and orderly environment that supports cooperation and collaboration.

2. Parents must be actively engaged in the education of their children

3. Students learn at different rates.

4. Parent and community involvement is essential to successful school.

5. Curriculum should focus on enhancing student learning.

6. All staff must continue to learn, and all schools must continue to improve.

7. Schools must have effective leaders that are lifelong learners.

8. Everyone can learn when learning is differentiated to meet individual needs.

9. If we work in harmony with others in the education of our children and show that we take pride in our work, students will learn from our attitudes.

10. Experiencing success is crucial to every learner.

Lawrenceburg Public Elementary School

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